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We are fully open for business!


Professional Skin Peel Training Norwich Tuesday 4th August


Henna Precision Brows Norwich 6th August


Precision Brow & Threading Course, Norwich, Monday 10th August


Advanced/Intermediate Henna Brows Norwich 10th August 2020


Accredited Dermaplaning Training Course, Norwich, 11th August


Ear Seeding Accredited Course, Norwich, 12th August


Ear Candling (Auricular Therapy)Course Norwich, August 12th


Ayurvedic Face, Hair & Scalp Therapy Training, Norwich, 13th Aug


Micro-needling Training Course, Norwich, 14th August 2020


Manicure, Pedicure & Gel Polish Training, Norwich, 15th August


Swedish Massage Training Course, Day 1 Norwich, 16th August 2020


Brow Lift Lamination Training Courses In Norfolk, 17th August

Holistic Massage with Pre-Blended Aromatherapy Oils Course

18th August 2020, Norwich

Diploma in Aromatherapy Day 1, 18th August 2020, Norwich

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email: info@eabt.co.uk
tel: +44 (0) 77172 57756


The impact of the corona virus has been a shock for many of us, and it seems we will need to manage how we live and work safely, for some considerable time to come.

The nature of our work demands close physical contact, so East Anglian Beauty Training will be following all government guidelines to ensure the safety of all tutors, students and clients as best we can.

Some of the requirements for all staff and students, once lockdown has eased, will include:-

* No outdoor shoes in the training room. Sterilised flip-flops or disposable shoe covers will be provided
* Arms must be bare from the elbow down
* No jewellery to be worn on the hands or arms, other than a plain wedding band

* Hair should be secured away from the face

* No outdoor clothing (coats, jackets) or bags In the training room. Please leave them in your car, or if it’s cold they can be placed in a bag (provided) and stored in a cupboard in the training room

* If you feel unwell, please do not attend

* If you know you may have been exposed to the virus, please do not attend

* Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to treatment/class start time

* Class size will be limited

* Hands and arms must be washed or sanitised upon entry to the training room

* Cotton/disposable masks (provided) and shield must be worn by the therapist when doing any practical

* Models/clients should wear a cotton/disposable mask (provided) during treatment if possible

* Disposable gloves (provided) should be worn when carrying out treatments


You will be provided with a full list of requirements once the booking is made; these may be subject to change, in accordance with government guidelines.