What is a Crystal Grid?

One of our more popular courses is Crystal Healing Therapy; it can be offered as a stand-alone treatment, or combined with others, such as aromatherapy, colour therapy or reiki to complement and enhance the effects and benefits.

A way to use crystals, to bring what you need into your life, is by creating a crystal grid. (I say what you need, rather than what you want or would like; the powers-that-be may be better at deciding what that is than we are!). Using the energy of the crystals and the way you arrange them on the grid, state your intention and let them help you with your dreams and goals.

There are many grid patterns you can use, and their structure can be made of many different materials. Often they are based on age-old geometric designs, typically a hexagon (2 triangles) which has 6 outer points, and is relevant to many religions and cultures. Where the lines intersect, they are thought to represent opposites and balance; yin/yang, male/female, etc. 

Using what YOU feel is right is the best way, the same goes for whatever crystals you wish to incorporate. You may want to use crystals that are good, for example, for protection, or you may select them intuitively; trust yourself! We do sell chakra crystals, and we do sell grids with crystals already placed, but generally we would say to use the crystals that YOU want to use.

How Do I Make A Crystal Grid For Myself?

This can be done very simply. We like the ‘Seed of Life’ grid.

Seed of Life

Additionally you will need:-

1 Centre or Anchor Stone (A).This should be the largest crystal, one that you feel will be good for you, or one that is known to be good for what you need help with. 

6 Supporting Crystals (B- G), optional. These may be all the same, or different, you can select them intuitively. Remember your intention, to focus energies where needed.

6 Supporting Outer Crystals (H-M) 

  1. Set your intention. Be clear and be positive. For example, “I need to develop more tolerance and patience” is better than asking to stop being so grumpy, or snapping at your partner! Write it down, and place under your centre stone. (A)
  2. Repeat your intention with your next circle (optional) as you place the crystals
  3. Repeat with your outer circle as you place the crystals
  4. Place your finger on the anchor stone, then move your finger in a clockwise direction, touching each crystal, to connect them. Remain focused on your intention
  5. You should leave your grid nearby for a couple of days, though they are very pretty, and you may want to leave it for much longer! If so, place it outside and cleanse it in moonlight or sunlight monthly

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